Pistons for paws


The 2019 Pistons for Paws was a huge hit, and we raised right around $3,000. That money has kept
AMP steadily floating through this pandemic and provided us with the means to truly reach out and
help our community. So far, we have fed (from January to August) well over 500 animals in need in
the tri-cities area, and beyond to other counties needing help. Through our Bully Project, we signed
up 18 pit-bull or bully type breeds in Sullivan county to be spayed or neutered. Their owners could
not afford to have their pets altered, and many were having too many puppies. We fully vetted and
adopted out kittens from living sick and frightened outdoors, into awesome, loving homes. We set
up a pet food bank in Washington County, and a pet food distribution center in Sullivan County. We
provided housing to 7 dogs living outdoors, and spread education and resources about vaccines,
altering, TNR programs, and chained dogs. We intervened and prevented 15 loved dogs and cats
from ending up in shelters. These pets would have been surrendered due to no other reason than
their owner's financial difficulties. Because of our supporters, these pets have been provided for and
able to remain with their loving families. Covid-19 has been a nightmare for everyone- but with the
support of sponsors like you , our volunteers and AMP friends, we've been able to help pet owners
breathe a little easier.
This year, we're aiming for bigger and better. We want to offer spay and neuter assistance, and
further our education programs. Our passion is to protect animals, and to help our communities . We
want to be a position where we can almost always say, "yes".
We are looking for sponsors to help with that goal. Sponsors will receive recognition, advertising for
a year on our frequently visited website and an advertisement on our event shirts as a way for us to
say, Thank you.
We have 3 levels of sponsorship opportunities:

Gold: $500.00 - Social media advertising, advertising on our frequently visited website for 1 year, a large sponsor
ad on event t-shirts and 2 event shirts.

Silver: $200.00 - Social media advertising, advertising on our website for 6 months, a small sponsor ad on event t-
shirts, and 2 event shirts.

Bronze: $100.00 - Social media advertising, small sponsor ad on website, and 1 event shirt.
Pistons For Paws will have several categories for cars to enter, as well as trophies, prizes, raffle, food trucks, event shirts,
music, vendors, adoptable animals, and a microchipping station for pets! Anything with wheels can enter the show- $20 entry fee.
Vendors can email us at AMPawsible@gmail.com to reserve a slot. Vendor slots are $25, no fee for 501c3 nonprofits.
On behalf of our all volunteer team at Appalachia: Mission Pawsible, we thank you for your consideration
to contribute to our great cause. All gifts, and sponsorships are tax deductible.