We examine each call for help. When reaching out to us, don't be afraid to tell us your situation. It will help us, help you and your pet. Our typical guidelines for providing food are as follows:

  • Food for one month, per quarter. Up to 4 times a year.

  • For those needing monthly support, we require a proof of income. 

  • We will NOT provide food to breeders.

  • We service Carter, Washington, and Sullivan Counites of Tennessee. In truly emergent cases in other counties, we will evaluate each one and attempt to provide service as best as possible.

Our Pet Food Pantry provides food to pet owners in need. We provide to a wide variety of individuals including, but not limited to:

  • Disability

  • SSI

  • Low income

  • Financial hardships


According to a study done by the ASPCA, 70% of animals are surrendered to shelters due to the inability to afford basic care. We think that's absurd, and we wanted to help! We believe that NO ONE should go hungry due to lack of funds. We here at AMP do not and will not discriminate against anyone that reaches out for help. We want to help you and your pet(s).



When requesting services, please include the following:

  • Your County

  • What you need assistance with

  • How many pets you have- cats or dogs?

  • What are the ages of the animal(s)?​

  • Best guess at dog breed or size

  • How immediate your need for assistance is​