what we can do


The members of AMP are NOT animal control officers and have no powers to enforce the animal cruelty laws of the states of Virginia or Tennessee. If you see obvious cruelty such as no food, water, shelter, or outright abuse, please call your local animal control or police department.

The laws regarding the humane treatment of animals is very non-specific in our states. Although the law states that animals must have adequate food, water, and shelter, it does not define what adequate is. Therefore, animal control cannot require that a dog have bedding in his house even in the coldest of temperatures. Most any structure, no matter how badly built, leaking, or even falling apart can unfortunately qualify as adequate shelter.

Our goal is to work within those cracks in the legal system, focusing on the animal's best interest, and offer assistance to the owners of the pet.

Once we are contacted, one of our volunteers will access the situation to determine what help, if any, we can give. If possible, we will speak to the family to see if they will accept our assistance and so far with our approach, they have. 

We can provide emergency food supplies, doghouses/outdoor cat houses, bedding, cat litter, and food and water bowls.