doghouse project


It is required by law for outdoor dogs to have shelter from the elements. We teach outdoor dog owners how to maximize the effectiveness of their pet's home. Keeping it dry, as cool as possible in the summer, and warmest in the winter. We help locate the best placement for the house on the owner's property, offer advice and upkeep instructions. Our inventory holds a variety of doghouses for dog's in need. Should the owner no longer need the house, it will be returned to AMP, per our contract. We will always have a need for gently used outdoor houses!

We LOVE and remember each dog we provide a house for. It gives us joy to receive updates on them from their owners. Here at AMP, we commit to these animals for the remainder of their lives.


For our Community Cat friends and caretakers, our Outdoor Kitty Houses

are available in winter months. These houses are hand built by volunteers and packed with insulation! The Kitty House provide a dry, warm place for Community Cats to curl up and sleep when it's cold outside. These houses can also help prevent cats from getting into cars, or under mobile homes, while on their hunt for a warm place to rest.


"Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace." -Albert Schweitzer